About us


The Travis County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Association (TCSLEA) Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 912 was founded in September 2001. We represent nearly 700 members throughout the Austin area. Our members, as police and correctional officers, patrol and emergency management personnel, are not only dedicated to each other, but to serve and protect the local community.


We are incredibly proud of our tradition of partnership. TCSLEA has a rich history and remains committed to:

  • Working in local schools and developing the area’s future leaders thru sponsorships, athletic programs, tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Preventing addiction and substance abuse, and working with faith, community, and advocacy organization both inside our jails and in the community to prevent drunk driving, substance abuse and local tragedies on our area’s roads, lakes, and waterways.
  • Premier training and technology to keep workplaces and centers of community life safe.
  • Preserving Lake Travis as a clean and safe resource for families and the regions’ environment.


TCSLEA cares so much because of who we are. We are Fathers and Mothers. Sisters and Brothers. Sons and Daughters. Husbands, wives, guardians and peace officers. Living and Serving Travis County.


But when tragedy or challenges strike, we respond, serving the community no matter what time, no matter what it takes.


Serving in Community No Matter What It Takes


On September 18, 2014, we lost one of our own.


Shortly before 2:00 am on Thursday, September 18th, Patrol Officer Jessica Laura Hollis was checking for low water crossings when her vehicle was swept away by floodwaters. Jessica had been a commissioned peace officer since 2006, and had worked as a Travis County Deputy Sheriff for 7 years.


She was a Dive Master and a valuable member of the Underwater Recovery Team. Jessica’s patrol car became submerged during an overnight flood that dumped five to seven inches of rain on parts of Central Texas. Working to keep all of us safe, Jessica lost her life.


Jessica’s career accomplishments are many, but she was most proud of her 12 year old son Mason and her loving marriage. Each day TCSLEA works to keep her spirit alive. We are proud to support her family’s charity. We will never forget.


Our dedication is clear. Our work continues committed to getting us all home safe


As the premier advocacy organization in the region, the TCSLEA continues to its work. The TCSLEA works to assure all peace officers enjoy:

  • A decent quality life (LINK)
  • Access to best practices, technology and state of the art of training (LINK)
  • Necessary personal and professional support. (LINK)


We do this simply because we know it matters. We live and remember the first rule and the last rule of law

enforcement: Serve the community. Get home safe.