President’s Message

Community is at the core of who we are at the TCSLEA. This isn’t simply a statement of our values but inherent in our mission. As police officers and well-trained law enforcement professionals, we learn about honor and service in the academy. We wear statements about it in our uniforms’ emblems and badges. But the simple best testament to our commitment to serve Travis County communities is in the dedication of our officers. In our partnerships, we work with businesses and entrepreneurs, educators and teachers, public officials and community leaders. Our job as an organization is to both foster this dedication vigilantly and amplify it. I can proudly say we have given tens of thousands in charitable contributions, and supported hundreds of thousands of hours in officers’ volunteer efforts.


By doing so, we embed actionable responsibility in our collective DNA, in our future.


To a member, now 700 strong and growing, TCSLEA’s partnerships and service to community is something we cherish. Fundamentally, the TCSLEA believes that work in the community not only matters but also serves us. Holistic policing and community engagement means more than stewarding or following a moral compass. Rather, it serves to build trust and vital networks of support. It’s an investment in both “”wider eyes and longer arms,” an indispensable toolkit in efforts that keep us all safer and cultivate sincere justice. In short, we know there’s strength in numbers.


As an organization, we also promote a fraternal environment among our membership. We are committed to treat each member, fairly, without regard for gender, race, creed, age, national origin or sexual orientation. We promote dignity and respect. And we are intentional in our belief that our members should be given a fair and due process. Towards that end, I am exceptionally proud of the comprehensive legal resources for our TCSLEA family. We remain grateful, the law works for all of us.


The TCSLEA is also committed to championing its approach on matters of policy. To us, more important than seeing officials re-elected or winning public office is shepherding solutions, framing the issues so actual needs are addressed. We saw that in our work in deterring family violence and boating accidents. We know we have meaningful work still to do.

We were forged in difficult times in 2001. At times, it’s a moment that feels like it’s been wheeled into the dim warehouse of our nation’s memory. But neither recent events nor the receding effect of history deter us. I am a proud witness to this special place where comradery, and compassion persists. I have seen our own members and ordinary people given no time at all to do the right thing doing the right thing countless times. Crime and indifference isn’t waiting for a time to surface. And here in Travis County, we aren’t waiting for a community to respond. The TSCLEA happily work with so many of you to steward a better peace now. I am exceptionally proud of our work over the years. I remain humbled to serve our community and the premier law enforcement organization in the country.


In solidarity,


Michael Morton