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    Strongman Corporation Nationals 2016

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    Strongman Corporation Nationals 2016

    (Davenport , Iowa October 28-29, 2016)

    This was the first time that I have qualified to attend Nationals and it was an exciting and fun experience.  Having never been to Nationals before I was not sure what all to expect.  I learned that there are things that I need to work on and things that I did better than I expected.  Day 1 was sort of overwhelming at first because all of the competitors are all lined up waiting to enter the hall where everything is about to take place.  Once in you immediately found a place to put all of your equipment and check out the sheet that shows the order of placement for the first event.  After all of this you than go to checking out the implements for the first event and start warming up on them so you know how they feel since they are never the same in each competition.  First event was circus dumbbell and this is my least favorite event and the one that I have to work on for this next year.  Second event was the yoke walk which normally I am great at but struggled with it some since we had to choose our pick height for this event the night before.  Once it came time to actually do this event the height was not correct for me but we were not allowed to change it.  Third and final event of day 1 was the tire axle deadlift which consisted of a 3 inch axle with actual tires at the ends set at a 13″  height.  This was definitely a different event for me considering I have deadlifted from the ground or from 18″ before but never that height.  I had to deadlift 400 lbs which is something I have never done before on an axle from that height so the fact that I was able to pick it up was a PR for me.  After day 1 was finally over got to go eat and get some rest to get ready for Day 2.  On to Day 2 which only consisted of 2 events and ones that I was looking forward to especially since event 4 was something kind of new to me since I had only recently started training that evet.  Event 4 was a Tombstone carry (aka Husafell stone) which weighed 275 lbs and had to be carried down and back as many times as possible until dropped.  In training I was barely able to lift the 275 lb stone and walk with it before I would quickly drop it.  The day of competition the tombstone was actually a lot easier to pick up and carry than in training and I carried it for a distance greater than I thought I could which was again a PR for me.  I would have liked to have done better on it but the fact that I was actually able to do this event was exciting for me.  Final event of the competition was a medley consisting of a 180# keg placed 60 ft from a platform, 180# keg at 40 ft and lastly a 180# stone of steel placed 20 ft.  You had to stand behind a line and wait for the go command and run to the first keg pick it up and run with it and load it standing up on the platform, run back to the 2nd keg and do the same thing and lastly run to the stone of steel and carry it to the platform.  This event also was better for me than in training because I struggled at times to pick up the 180# keg but seemed much easier in competition.  I may not have qualified for the Arnold but I learned that I have things to work on and to kick my training up this next year and work on changing to a lower weight class.  Definitely a great experience and getting to compete with some other amazing strong people was so much fun.  I would like to thank the TCSLEA for sponsoring me in this competition.  I am excited to keep doing more competitions this coming year and have already started looking and planning on a few.

    M. Seaman #5346

    TCCC Building 12 Team 3