President's Compensation Update
Posted On: Aug 24, 2023

Dear Members of the Travis County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association,

I'm reaching out today to offer an update regarding the ongoing discussions on our compensation budget with the Budget and Planning Office (PBO). Please note that this proposal has not yet been presented to the Court or subjected to a vote; it's still a work in progress.

It is my expectation that, come September 15, 2024, the PBO will recommend a buyback of 80 hours of vacation time for employees who have accrued 360 hours in their POPs or vacation accounts by that date. The compensation for this should reflect in your September 30, 2024 paycheck. At present, this initiative is slated to impact approximately 250 POPs employees and 250 civilian staff, carrying an estimated one-time cost of 2.6 million dollars. Keep in mind that the number of eligible employees might slightly increase by September 15th, 2024.

I want to express my gratitude to the Budget and Planning Office for their collaborative efforts in working towards this agreement, pending further discussion and approval from the Court. I also extend my appreciation to all our members for their unwavering support.

I'd like to address the numerous rumors and inquiries about a potential pay raise this October. The Court has already unanimously approved a pay raise that was implemented in June for Corrections, with Law Enforcement scheduled for a similar raise in October. Additionally, both Corrections and Law Enforcement personnel will progress up a step in their pay scale on their anniversary dates, beginning in October. This pay raise underscores the positive working relationship we maintain with the Court and the Budget and Planning Office and acknowledges the crucial work you perform daily, ensuring the safety of our community within the jail, during court proceedings, and on our streets. Please note that the PBO is not recommending any further pay raises beyond what has already received Court approval.

Our board is deeply committed to transparency, and we welcome any member to attend our monthly meetings. In a group as diverse as ours, differing opinions on various matters, especially compensation, are expected. Unfortunately, these differences can sometimes have adverse effects on our organization. After the last pay raise in June, we lost a few members who believed that the board, and specifically myself, did not advocate with the Commissioner’s Court to the extent they desired. However, in the weeks following June, our association gained more members than we lost, and our membership continues to grow steadily each month.

Over the past few months, there have been members who conducted surveys, voiced concerns at the Commissioner’s Court regarding the board's actions, and presented their ideas to the Court. The board has advised them that their efforts may be misplaced and that their lack of understanding of the Court and PBO processes is evident when they speak. We have encouraged them to attend meetings in the hope that, over time, they will gain the knowledge and understanding necessary for effectively leading an organization like TCSLEA. Despite their differing approaches, we maintain a strong relationship with Court members. We continue to meet with them and the PBO, believing that they value each and every one of you. Our commitment remains unwavering as we strive for our Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Civilian staff to be the highest paid in the state. Our work is far from over.

I take great pride in serving as your President, and I remain dedicated to ensuring you have the resources necessary to perform your duties safely and effectively.


Don Rios

President, Travis County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association


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