2022 TCSLEA Board Elections Notice
Updated On: Sep 10, 2022

2022 Travis County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association Board of Directors and Awards Elections Notice

TCSLEA is welcoming nominations for the following positions:

2nd Vice President:  Must be a full member from the LE Bureau

Secretary:  Must be a full member from the Corrections Bureau

Co-Pac Chairs:  1 LE Bureau Position and 1 Corrections Bureau Postion

Corrections Representives: 3 Positions from the Corrections Bureau

Law Enforcement Representatives: 4 Positions from the Law Enforcement Bureau (Positions will be LE East Representative, LE West Representative, LE Central Representative, and LE At-Large Representative

From the TCSLEA By-Laws:  The member shall file for office in the form of a written memo. The memo shall contain the name, rank, and duty assignment of the member and the office he/she seeks. The member must sign it and submit it to the Secretary. The names of all qualified candidates shall be read to the membership at the regular October general membership meeting. Members who have not filed as a candidate may be nominated from the floor in the regular October general membership meeting. Nominations shall not cease until a motion has been entertained and properly carried. All members who are on assigned duty when the nominations are made may make a written nomination, in form of a motion, which must have a second, and both parties sign the motion and the second. This motion must be given to the Secretary before the call to order of the October meeting. The Secretary shall place each written nomination before the membership. Members may only file, be nominated, or run for one board position at each election.

An email to the Secretary Jordon Heflin ( (corrected email) containing the above memo information shall be acceptable for nomination.

Corrections or Law Enforcement personnel working an assignment in the Administrative Bureau will be considered part of their original Bureau.

TCSLEA is welcoming nominations for the following Awards:

Corrections Officer of the Year

Corrections FTO of the Year

Corrections Supervisor of the Year

Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year

Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Year

911 Telecommunications personnel of the Year

Civilian of the Year

Email nominations with a short description of why they are deserving of the award to: (corrected email)

Elections Notice:

TCSLEA Election will be conducted Online on the TCSLEA website and run the first two complete weeks (Sun-Sat) of November.


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