PBO Proposed POPS Change 4-23-2023
Posted On: Apr 24, 2023


Please see the email from PBO regarding proposed changes to the POPS.  This was released to the board today.  The board is reviewing the proposal. 

Any feedback is appreciated through your representatives. 


Please find the attached proposal from PBO and HRMD regarding a change to the Peace Officer Pay Scale (POPS). Highlights of the proposal include:

  • $5,000 increase at the first step of each pay grade;
  • Maintain 3% increases between each step; and,
  • Add one additional step to all pay grades.

The attached document includes three tables to assist in your review of the proposal:

  • A copy of the current FY 2023 pay scale;
  • A copy of the proposed pay scale; and,
  • A table showing the dollar difference at each grade and step.

Mechanically, employees would be placed at the same grade and step they are on currently. The third table is designed to show how much of an annualized increase an employee would receive if approved. Due to the 3% compounding, the farther up the scale you are, the more you would receive. For example, a Corrections Officer Sr. at step 14 would receive $7,342.67 more per year.

In addition, the average amount of a step increase is now higher due to the compounding effect of the 3% across the scale. Finally, an additional step is proposed to be added for the approximately 110 POPS employees who are currently at the max step of their grades, allowing them to receive a 3% increase on their FY 2024 anniversary date.

The estimated cost of this proposal as presented is approximately $11.7 million which includes placement on the new scale, the additional step cost, and overtime budget adjustments to reflect the higher rates of pay for employees.

Due to the severe shortage of Corrections Officers the County is facing, PBO is proposing that Commissioners Court approve this pay scale mid-year for the Corrections/Courthouse Security related positions (pay grades 81-89), while the remaining POPS positions would see this implemented effective October 1, 2023.

PBO and HRMD anticipate presenting this proposal to Commissioners Court on May 9. We would like to receive feedback from this group at our April 26 discussion in advance of presenting this to Commissioners Court. Please review this information in advance of our meeting. I am available to answer any questions you may have ahead of time.


Alex Braden

Assistant Budget Director

Travis County Planning & Budget Office

(512) 854-4741

PDF of proposed Scale linked



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